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2011 BHHS Class of ’59
70th Birthday Party
(Pictures below)
(Pictures below)

The magic of good friends and fellowship was alive the weekend of August 19, 2010! The BHHS Class of ‘59 celebrated turning 70 this year with joy, laughter and dancing! We proved we are ageless!

The turn out was amazing and we were excited to have representatives of several classes from BHHS and St. John’s Catholic in attendance! It was truly a special weekend! We had folks who hadn’t been back since the 26th Reunion and some who had never been back!

We enjoyed our time at the Carousel, Kilwin’s, Pauly’s and, most especially, Rich and Diane’s for good food, good music and dancing!

Thanks so much for your participation and interest. We have a remarkably special class that always seems to enjoy each other’s company. It is my understanding that John Woodford is working toward organizing another get together 2012! Anyone wishing to help John with planning and set up, please contact him at: johnwood@umich.edu
Brenda Morgan






2010 Mini-Reunion

 Our first Mini-Reunion held August 20-22, 2010, was a huge success! Friday night was well attended and
 held at  Diane & Rich Himes’ home. Guests enjoyed lots of social time around a huge bonfire. Background
 and dancing music provided by Rich’s band and singer, Linda rocked the place!  All the 50’s hits were
 enjoyed by dancers and on-lookers alike.

 Rain on Saturday morning kept us from enjoying the beach, but by 4pm everyone was ready for a great
 dinner at Roxy’s.  The food was good, the jukebox music was great and time spent with our longtime
 friends was enjoyable!

 After dinner at Roxy’s, some of us enjoyed riding the Stalking Tiger on the Carousel, taking photos, having
 ice cream and walking the beach. It was a beautiful night with a magical full moon and the best friends ever!

 A small group arrived early Sunday morning at Jean Klock Park for a picture postcard setting and more time
 with friends.

 Thanks to all classmates, local and out-of-towners, for making this weekend a huge success!!!


Some comments from classmates:

 “It was a fabulous weekend! It seemed like everyone who
 attended had a wonderful time. The sock hop was a huge
 success. Many kudos to Rich Himes for hosting it. His band
 was fantastic and the bonfire was magnificent! Have I used
 enough superlative adjectives yet?”
                                                             Shirley Sliter Kline

 “I would favor keeping the group small but trying to
 encourage more just 59er’s to attend. There was a large
 group of locals that should have, but did not attend for
 whatever reasons. I think we should work on getting more
 of them to attend. Maybe a personal call or email contact
 from those that did attend to those that did not, may help.”
                                                                       Jerry Mann

 “I enjoyed seeing the people from the past even though
 some showed up with faces I didn't recognize....”
                                                                        Don Payne

 “I didn't attend the Friday night get-together (wish I had). I
 really enjoyed our talk outside of the mall and the time
 spent in Roxy's.”
                                                         Sandy Sweeney Page


To view more pictures from the weekend, use this link:
Pictures from the 2010 Mini Reunion



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